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National Rifle Association Affiliation

The Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club stands with the National Rifle Association and recognizes it as the leader in protecting 2nd Amendment rights exercised by its club members and the source of range safety guidance and firearm safety education.

The Club is a 100% NRA Club, meaning that all it’s members must maintain a membership in the NRA to also be a member of the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club.  New applicants must provide their NRA membership number to be considered for joining and credentials are checked intermittently to make sure the standards have been met.

Though members are free to vote and exercise all rights afforded them in their lives, this one criteria of standing with an organization which exists to protect exactly what we stand for is a requirement of membership.

The NRA is referred to often by the club when looking at the best safety practices and standards and try to exceed them in our own range usage.

Discount for members to renew their NRA membership:

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Friends of NRA:

The Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club has also had heavy involvement as a sponsor of the Friends of NRA.  Friends of NRA is a non-political fund-raising program under the NRA foundation.

It is a 100% grass roots effort to raise funds to promote the 2nd Amendment and shooting activities.
Banquets are held nationally, including one in the Sheboygan area where a dinner is served followed by a fun evening of fellowship, gun giveaways, raffles and much more. 

With no political speeches or agendas, the banquets are designed to pull like-minded people together, have fun and raise money for the foundation.
Monies raised are distributed in the same states they are raised in and have gone to youth shooting programs, public ranges, safety education and handicap accessibility on public ranges as well.

Friends of NRA Contact is Jim Schuldt (920) or