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Women on Target is an entry level class and range experience designed for females to increase their comfort level with firearms.  Designed by women for women, it intended to be a pressure free environment to learn basic firearm safety and knowledge, have your questions answered, and experience the opportunity to shoot both pistols and rifles in a controlled and safe atmosphere; with a focus on safety and directed to a part of the community who may otherwise miss out. 
This activity is designed to be only a few hours long and all materials (including firearms and ammunition) are provided including a light lunch.
The activity is divided into two sections: a classroom instruction and a shooting portion with one-on-one instruction/coaching.
Participation is based on your comfort level knowing that you will be paired with an individual instructor/coach during the shooting portion.  During the shooting portion, you can choose to observe, handle, or shoot a firearm.
The guns provided are .22 rimfire; selected for their comfort and minimal recoil.  Often, other firearms of other calibers are offered to the students if they would like to try them as well.
Registrants can bring your own firearm(s) and ammunition for them, to shoot after the event.  If you do so, it should be brought to the Club unloaded, cased, and will be inspected by an Instructor/coach.
Often friends or family members sign up together for the unique experience and it has proven to be a valuable aspect of participants lives whether they decide to own a firearm or shoot again or not.