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Club Activities are Open to the Public

Members and the public can take part in our Club Activities, check the Calendar for Club activities.
Current activities are 10m Airgun (5-6pm Tuesday night) and Cowboy Movie Night

2021 Raffle Winning Ticket Numbers

1st-674; 2nd-328; 3rd-1288; 4th-368; 5th-545
6th-1282; 7th-72; 8th-933; 9th-737; 10th-257
2021 Raffle Page Link

We are Open Again

The State and our Club is open again.
The virus is still out there and it is your decision if you decide to participate at our Club's events. Our Club set some additional rules and guidelines for our activities to continue, please read and follow them.
New Rules and Guidelines

Basic Pistol Course

On Saturday October 24th, our Club will be hosting a Basic Pistol class. This course covers the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely.
October 24th Basic Pistol

Deer Gun Sight in

On November 6th, 7th, 13th, and 14th from 9am-3pm our Club will have our annual sight-in for deer season. Make sure to read our sight-in page to prepare for this year's sight-in and check out our 2021 Raffle Page as raffle tickets can also be purchased at the sight-in.
2021 SRPC Deer Gun Sight-in Poster

Sheboygan Sheriff's Department Training

September 8th through the 11th, Tuesday through Friday, the Sheboygan Sheriff's Department will be reserving the 100/200 yard range from 7am-4pm for their training.


On Sunday July 19th (1-5pm), Burt Schuldt will be teaching a class on concealed carry. This course satisfies the training requirement for Wisconsin's CCW licensing.
Course Application (word)
Course Application (pdf)

Women on Target

Designed by women, for women.
Entry level firearms class on June 20th for women to
increase their comfort level with firearms.
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All listed events are open to the public:

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Upcoming Events

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